Raygenic brings a revolution to radiology with artificial intelligence and advanced technologies. But it is much more than that: we want to help both doctors and patients. Doctors – because their work will be faster and more accurate with less time. Patients – because they will get in-depth reviewed examinations, complete diagnosis and faster detection of lesions, increasing their chances of recovery and longer life.

We have created a tool for radiologists to provide the best possible care for their patients. At Raygenic, we want to deliver support and protection – join us on this path toward a brighter future in radiology.


70% faster diagnosis

Better task organisation

Comfortable and efficient work

Faster work

Thanks to Raygenic, you save precious time, which you can then directly dedicate to your patients; the app will organise your day and assign the tasks to your team. Artificial intelligence creates task assignment rules based on selected criteria, e.g. a doctor’s specialisation and experience or earlier tests. Created in this way, the task list is always flexible, i.e. it is drawn up for now, not forever, and uncompleted tasks are returned to the task pool and assigned to the next doctor who takes over. This almost eliminates any need for work management – doctors have their time planned out for them the moment they show up at work.

More efficient diagnosis

Raygenic works like a quick and efficient assistant. Thanks to the use of AI, diagnostic time can be reduced by up to 70%, as the application will help to create a medical description based on previous examinations, standardized descriptions and other guidelines. The doctor works on description templates, which can be automatically corrected with the results of measurements taken on the examination images and the results of pathological changes detected by AI algorithms. Reference to physician-approved lesions is automatically added to the description. The descriptions are created quickly, but also accurately and clearly. This allows more patients to be diagnosed and frees up the doctor’s time and energy.

Early detection

Raygenic uses advanced AI technology and an algorithm created by scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków for a fast and efficient diagnosis. Each new X-ray image is handled by algorithms that analyze it to look for undesirable changes and abnormalities in a matter of seconds. This helps give an accurate diagnosis and shortens the time it takes to detect a disease. Any case with a preliminary AI-made diagnosis is handed over for review to a specialist with a high-priority status, so it can be dealt with sooner. Raygenic thus makes work easier and improves the effectiveness of patient care.

Comfort and convenience

Radiologists often work in many medical units equipped with various diagnostic instruments with their own software and data presentation standards. As a cloud-based solution, Raygenic will work with every device; what testing equipment you use is practically irrelevant: the app supports them all. All data are presented in a unified way via a clear and intuitive interface. Comparing results across different time intervals and devices has never been easier and your patient history is always at your fingertips.