Our mission

Raygenic was created in response to the needs of modern doctors and contemporary health challenges. We use artificial intelligence and advanced IT technologies to bring about a digital transformation in medical centres, improving how doctors work and serve their patients.The goal of creating Raygenic is to improve the efficiency, quality and comfort of work in the field of diagnostic imaging, and to reduce the amount of time a patient has to wait for a radiological description. It will enable faster treatment – and thus increase many patients’ chances for a longer and healthier life.
Partnership with Onwelo
Onwelo is a Polish tech company specialising in, among other things, solutions for medical centre digitisation and automation. By creating its technological component, it contributes to the quick and effective growth of a modern healthcare system. Onwelo’s Raygenic app is part of that growth.

Onwelo has been active on the IT market since 2015 and its reliability is attested to by more than 150 clients from Europe and beyond, more than 300 completed projects (including many in the medical and healthcare sector), offices in Europe and the US, tech partnerships with, e.g. Google Cloud, Microsoft, Huawei, Oracle and UiPath, as well as multiple quality and safety certificates awarded by independent auditors.

Onwelo implements and adheres to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards in IT technology product and service delivery. It has also successfully passed the TISAX audit (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange).
Onwelo has experience in deploying AI solutions in the medical sector and Raygenic is one of its projects in the healthcare industry.

What is it like to work with Onwelo?



Onwelo has an impressive team of specialists working in many different IT technologies, which allows them to create software for any given purpose quickly and seamlessly, meeting their clients’ expectations to a T.



Onwelo delegates tried and tested teams to each project, able to work in different models and strategies, allowing software development and maintenance to run smoothly and seamlessly to achieve the clients’ objectives.



Onwelo carries out projects for major companies from different countries and sectors, including apps and projects for the medical and healthcare industry. Throughout its existence, it has earned a lot of experience, which means that, regardless of the project, the sky is now the limit.



When working on a project, Onwelo’s IT specialists frequently consult specialists from the sector the software is intended for and always have the best interest of the client and future users in mind. This allows them to create software that is functional and always brings tangible benefits.